May 1, 2017

Researcher Profile Asano, Kenji

Asano, Kenji   Adjunct Assistant Professor
Renewable Energy Policy, Environmental Economics

E-mail: asano☆
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Phone: +81-42-580-8411
Fax:   +81-42-580-8410

2002-2004     Guest researcher at
                     Danish National Environmental Research Institute
2006              Ph. D (Global Environmental Studies) from Kyoto University
2006-2007      Post-doctoral fellow, Biomass Technology Research Center(BTRC),
                      National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and
2007- Present Research Scientist, CRIEPI
2015- Present Lecturer (part-time), Institute of Innovation Research,
                     Hitotsubashi University
2016- Present Project Leader
                     (Renewable energy policies and liberalized electricity market ),

【Recent Research Themes】

【Selected Publications】
Asano, K. (2014)
   Early Promoter of Solar Photovoltaics:
    Forty Years Development of Policy and Technology in Japan., Moe, E. and     P. Midford (eds), Common Challenges, National Responses: The Political     Economy of Renewable Energy and Energy Security in Japan, China and     Northern Europe, Palgrave Macmillan

Asano, K. (2013)
   Costs estimation for renewable electricity policies in Japan,
    IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference 2013