December 11, 2013

Business Review Vol.61 No.3 WIN. 2013

Vol.61 No.3 WIN. 2013 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

Assessment of Industry-University Collaboration in Japan: Toward New Combinations

Yasunori Baba / Naohiro Shichijo / Masaru Yarime
"Challenge of Pasteur Scientists for Innovation: A Case of Photocatalyst"

Yasushi Hara / Yoshiyuki Ohsugi
"Actemra and Remicade : Key Factors to Determine First Mover Advantage in R&D Process of Both Antibody Drugs"

Naohiro Shichijo / Junichi Murata / Shinichi Akaike / Atsushi Ogasawara
"Absorptive Company: Sources of R&D Capability in Hamamatsu Photonics K.K."

Takahiro Ueyama
"Cross-Bounding Knowledge: Learning from America's Experience of Industry - University Collaboration and the Change in Academic Values"

Shintaro Sengoku
"A Consortium - Based Approach for Open Innovation: Exploring a Unique and Optimal Model for Japan and Stem Cell Technology"

Shinichi Akaike / Mitsuaki Hosono
"Process of Industry - University Co - Inventions: Findings from a Large Scale Questionnaire Survey on Industry - University Collaboration in Japan"

Yoo Youngjin
"Building a Next Generation Creative Urban Workforce for the Digital Economy: A Case Study of Urban Apps & Maps Studios Program"

Ikujiro Nonaka / Ayano Hirose / Yoshihide Ishii (Victor Stone)
"Management by Knowledge Maneuverability: Synthesizing Knowledge Creation and Maneuver Warfare"

●Business Cases
 Satoko Suzuki / Midor Harada
  "Shiseido Co.,Ltd."
      Shiseido's Globalization Strategy: Use of 'Omotenashi' Service in China

  Yaichi Aoshima / Osamu Suzuki
       Development and commercialization of waste plastic recycle process using coke ovens

●Critical Eyes: Social Marketing
 Kosuke Mizukoshi

●Innovation  in Japanese Management Research(4)
 Susumu Ogawa

●From My Bookshelf
  Fumio Takahashi 
 Yasushi Ogasawara
●Management Forum
 Tadamitsu Kishimoto
 Interviewed by Sadao Nagaoka / Shinichi Akaike