January 10, 2012

Business Review Vol.52 No.1, SUM. 2004

Vol.52 No.1, SUM. 2004 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.
Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

Digital Competition
Annabelle Gawer/
Michael A. Cusumano
"What Does It Take to Be a Platform Leader: Some Recent Lessons from Palm and NTT DoCoMo"
Stanely J. Liebowitz"Causes and Lessons from the Internet Bubble"
Jiro Kokuryo"RFID: Connecting the Real World to the Net"
Toshihiro Nishiguchi"Netcentric Strategies"
Jeffrey L. Funk"Capitalizing on Japan's Lead in the Mobile Internet"
Akira Takeishi"Digitalization and the Evolution of Music Business: Interactions of Technology, Business, and Music"
 Tsuyoshi Numagami
●An Invitation to Strategic Finance
 Toyohiko Hachiya/Makoto Nakano (6)
●Business Cases
 Yuko Yamashita/ Makoto Kitamurau "LOreal International"
 Sachiko Ito/Yaichi Aoshima"House Foods Corp."
●Management Forum
 Hiroshi Mikitani (Rakuten, Inc.),
 Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura
 Hiromi Osa/Hiroyuki Odagiri
 "First-Mover Advantages versus Follower Advantages in Innovative Industries:
  An Empirical Study of the Japanese Appliances Market"
●Critical Eyes: Corporate Social Responsibility
 Kanji Tanimoto