March 31, 2012

Forum 2011.04-2012.03

14 March, 2012

1) Anja Schulze (Director of swiss Center for Automotive Research at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich)
2) Florian Rittiner (the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich) 
3) Simge Tuna (the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich) 
4) Stefano Brusoni (Professor, the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich) 
1) Lean Product Development (The Management of Efficiency in New Product Development): A Research Project that Bridges Japan and Europe as well as Industry and Academia
2) Process Management from a Knowledge Brokerage Point of View
3) Attention Based View to New Product Development: A Case of Set Based Concurrent Engineering in the Top Pharmaceutical Machinery Supplier
4) Reinventing the Wheel: Knowledge Integration in the Tire Industry
9 February, 2012
Junichiro Masada (General Manager, Gas Turbine Engineering Department, Power Systems Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)Development and Industrialization of High-Efficiency, High-Temperature Gas Turbine
(G-COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
26 January, 2012
Hitoshi Tanaka (Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Hokkai-Gakuen University)Intellectual Property Rights and Foreign Direct Investment: A Welfare Analysis (co-authored with Tatsuro Iwaisako)
26 January, 2012
Martin Hemmert (Professor, Business School, Korea University)Relational Governance in New Product Development Collaborations: Evidence from Korea
19 January, 2012
Kazunobu Tanaka (Principal Fellow, Center for R&D Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency)R&D Strategies and Science and Technology Systems: Nanotechnology -Grand Design in Japan
16 January, 2012
Takashi Shimizu (Associate Professor, Department of Advanced Social and International Studies, University of Tokyo)The Demography of Corporations in Japan
13 January, 2012
Minoru Hirata (Manager, Foundry Business Headquarters, Foundry Equipment Engineering Group, SINTOKOGIO, LTD.)Development of Aeration Sand Filling Technology in Green Molding Process
(G-COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
14 December, 2011
1)Minna Autio and Jaakko Autio (University of Helsinki)
2)Anssi Smedlund (Aalto University)
3)Otto Makela (Aalto University)
4)Naoto Nadayama (Aalto University)
Introduction to the "Customer-driven Innovation in Retail" Projects by Aalto University and University of Helsinki
1)"Consumer-driven Innovation in Retail Service Culture/ Empowering Employees and Activating Consumers"
2)"Value Co-Creation in Service Platform Business Models"
3)"The Business Model as a Tool of Improving Value Creation"
4)"Acceleration of Change in the Firm -Participant Observation Research in Finnish Companies"
1 December, 2011
Toshihiko Nomi (Senior Analyst for Academia-Industry-Government, Cooperation Promotion, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Sadao Nagaoka (Professor, Institute of Innovation Research)
Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer Process
30 November, 2011
Horst Otto Hanusch (Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research; Professor, University of Augsburg)Governance in Stormy Times: Explaining and Fighting the Current Crisis in a CNSE-Framework
24 November, 2011
Akira Yamazaki (Researcher, Institute of Innovation Research; Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology)Study of the Management for Successful R&D Projects Supported by Public Funds
17 November, 2011
Hiroyuki Tomizawa (Director of Research Unit for Science and Technology Analysis and Indicators, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT))
Takayuki Hayashi (Associate Professor, Department of Research for University Evaluation, National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation(NIAD-UE)) 
Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy: Indicators, Scientometrics and Research Evaluation
26 October, 2011
Fernando Suarez (Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research; Chair, Strategy & Innovation Department, Boston University School of Management)Research on Industry Life Cycles: Origin, Evolution and Current Trends
1 August, 2011
Masashi Shirabe (Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)The Use of Scientometrics in Research Funding Programs
17 June, 2011
Edmund Kitch (Professor, Virginia Law School)Prospect Theory View of The Role of Patent System: Lessons from Bayh-Dole Experiences
(Innovation Forum Jointly with Industry/Labor Workshop and with Law/Economics Study Group)
3 June, 2011
Shigeru Harashima (Senior Manager, Dpt. of Production Engineering, Denso Corporation)Development of Environment-Conscious Oil-filter and its Production System
(G-COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
25 May, 2011
Khare Prajakuta Amit (Adjunct Lecturer, Institute of Innovation Research)SME Clusters in India: Possibility of Drawing Lessons from Japan

March 20, 2012

Business Review Vol.59 No.4 SPR. 2012

Vol.59 No.4 SPR. 2012 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.
Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

How to Close Nuclear Power Stations in Realistic Way
Tatsujiro Suzuki"Nuclear Energy Policy Issues in Post-3/11 Era"
Makoto Saito"Light-water Reactors as Ordinary Industrial Technology"
Hitoshi Yoshioka"A Prospect for the Development of Nuclear Withdrawal Engineering"
Tetsunari Iida"Reality of “Real Approach for Nuclear Phase-out”"
Akihiro Sawa"New Structure for Electric Supply: Diversification of Retail Service"
Yaichi Aoshima"Balancing Environment, Energy, and Industry Competitiveness: Importance of the Micro-level Analysis"
Minoru Shimamoto"Can the Japanese PV Industry Revive?"
●Business Cases
  Yasuaki Niitsu/Kentaro Nobeoka
 Sakuya Yoshimura/Tatsuya Kubota
  "Karaoke Machine Industry"
●Critical Eyes: Auditor Independence
 Kenichi Yazawa
●Leaders of MOT (14)
 Masayoshi Tsuchiya(Sony Corporation)
●Introduction to Business Economics(1)
 Noriyuki Yanagawa
●The Story of the Accidental Innovations(3)
 Kiyonori Sakakibara
●From My Bookshelf 
 Yoko Ishikura
 Atsushi Osanai
●Management Forum
 Carl-A.Fechner (Journalist / Movie Director/Producer)
 Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura
 Yoshihiro Takeshige
 "The Effect of Competitive Strategies on Business Performances in Japan: An Empirical Study "

March 1, 2012

International Workshop on Measuring and Managing Innovation 2012.3.16

■ International Workshop on Measuring and Managing Innovation 
  Organized by Institute of Innovation Research of Hitotsubashi University and
Co-organized by National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP)
Supported by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, and Japan Bioindustry Association)

Kasumigaseki Knowledge Square (

1. Date
March 16th (Friday), 2012

2. Program (with simultaneous interpretations)

9:30 am to 10:30 am
First Keynote Speech
Chair: Akira Goto, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
“Patent inventing and scientific discovery co-evolution in high technology”
Lynne Zucker, UCLA and NBER
(Comment) Reiko Aoki, Hitotsubashi University and the Council of Science and Technology Policy

10:50 am to 12:30 pm
Session on Scientific Discovery Process in the US and Japan
(30 minutes for each presentation and 40 minutes for Q&A)
Chair: Hiroyuki Okamuro, Hitotsubashi University

(1) "Research in Pasteur Quadrant': how it is important and how it matters?"
Sadao Nagaoka, IIR
(2) "Management of science, serendipity, and research performance: evidence from scientists' survey in the US and Japan"
Hiroshi Shimizu, IIR

(Comments) Michael Darby, UCLA and NBER

13:30 pm to 15:10 pm
Session on Scientific Discovery Process in the US and Japan (continued)
(30 minutes for each presentation and 40 minutes for Q&A)

Chair: Shinichi Akaike, IIR

(3) "Impacts of the research team organization and funding on knowledge creation in science"
Masatsura Igami, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP)
(4) "Commercialization process of scientific discovery"
John Walsh, Georgia Institute of Technology

(Comments) Lynne Zucker, UCLA and NBER

15:30 pm to 16:30 pm
Second Keynote Speech
Chair: Sadao Nagaoka, IIR
"Medical innovation, longevity increase, and economic growth"
Frank Lichtenberg, Columbia University and NBER
(Comment) Hiroshi Ohashi, University of Tokyo

16:40 pm to 18:10 pm
Bio Startup and Pharmaceutical Innovation Session
Chair: Hiroyuki Chuma, IIR

(1) "Entry and growth process of Japanese biotech firms: lessons from the past decades"
Yuji Honjo, Chuo University
(2) "Tracking the growth process of the listed bio startups of the US and Japan: capital constraints vs. seeds"
Junichi Nishimura, IIR

(Comments) Frank Lichtenberg, Columbia University and NBER