January 10, 2012

US-Japan Workshop on Scientific Collaboration and Productivity 2010.3.26

■ US-Japan Workshop on Scientific Collaboration and Productivity

March 26, 2010 at Conference Square M+, Marunouchi, Tokyo
Organized by IIR
National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology

Supported by
National Science Foundation (NSF)

Opening Remarks:
   Tomoaki Wada (NISTEP)
   Machi F. Dilworth (NSF)
   Sadao Nagaoka (IIR)
Session I: Survey Framework and Initial Results in Japan
Chair: John Walsh (Georgia Institute of Technology)

[1] “Survey Design and Sample Characteristics of the Japanese Survey”
  Masatsura Igami (NISTEP / IIR) (with Sadao Nagaoka)

[2] “Initial Results from the Japan Scientists Survey”
  Sadao Nagaoka (with Masatsura Igami)
     Comment: Akira Endo (Biopharm Research Laboratories, Inc. / IIR)

Session II: Discovery Process in Science
Chair: Sadao Nagaoka

[3] “A Case of Astronomy”
  Francis Halzen (University of Wisconsin)
     Comments and questions: John Walsh

[4] “A Case of Biological Science”
  Hirotada Mori (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Session III: Research Staffing and Funding in the US and Japan
Chair: Machi F. Dilworth

[5] “Interpreting the Japanese Survey Results on Research Staffing and Funding in Light of the  
     Japanese Staffing/Funding Mechanism”
  Tomohiro Ijichi (Seijo University)

[6] “International Graduate Science Training, Scientific Collaboration, and Research Productivity”
  Marcus Ynalvez (Texas A&M International University)
[7] “US Mechanism of Research Staffing and Funding: Implications for Studying Collaboration and      
  Paula Stephan (Georgia State University / National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER))Session

 IV: Commercialization Process and the Use of IT in Science
Chair: Hideo Owan (University of Tokyo)
[8] “Interpreting the Japanese Survey Results on Commercialization in Light of the Japanese  
     Mechanism of Commercialization”
  Manabu Eto (IIR)

[9] “The Impact of Information Technology on Academic Scientists' Productivity”
  Waverly Ding (University of California, Berkeley)

Session V: Wrap-up Discussions toward Scientist Survey in the US
Chair: Paula Stephan

[10] “US Science Institutions and Sample Construction for the US Survey”
  John Walsh