January 10, 2012

OECD Tokyo Workshop on Social Sciences and Innovation 2000.11.30-12.2

International Workshop on Social Sciences and Innovation 2000.11.29-12.2
 "Challenges to the Social Sciences in the New Millennium"
by Dr. Nathan ROSENBERG (Professor, Stanford University, USA)
 Plenary session 1: Promoting Innovation
Chair: Dr. Seiichiro YONEKURA (IIR)
Presentation #1: Dr. Ikujiro NONAKA (Professor, Hitotsubashi University,Japan)
Developing Unified, Dynamic Knowledge Management Systems
Presentation #2: Dr. Martin KENNEY (Professor, University of California at Davis, USA)
Social Sciences and the Innovative Capacity of the Firm
Presentation #3: Dr. M.G.K. MENON (former Minister of Science and technology, India)
Innovation- Its Characteristics, Promotion and Policy Frameworks Needed for This
Short panel discussion 1:
Panelists: Speakers of presentation #1, #2 and #3
Chair: Dr. Seiichiro YONEKURA (IIR)
 Plenary session 2: Innovation, Science and Society
Chair: Dr. Hans van GINKEL (UNU)
Presentation #4:
Prof. Yoichiro MURAKAMI (Professor, International Christian University, Japan)
Scientific Innovation and Societal Change: A Historical Perspective
Presentation #5: Dr. Thierry GAUDIN (President, Prospective 2100, France)
Innovation Policies as a Substitute for Failing Economic Policies
Presentation #5: Dr. Hiroyuki YOSHIKAWA (President, University of the Air, Japan)
The Role of Social Science in Raising Public Understanding of Scientific and Technological Innovation
Short panel discussion 2
Panelists: Speakers of presentation #4, #5 and #6
Chair: Dr. Hans van GINKEL (UNU)
 Working groups (parallel session)

1) Each working group has its own chair.
2) Each working group is expected to have 20--30 participants.
3) Each working group will have three or four kick-off speakers.

WG1: Social Sciences for Technological Innovation
Chair: Dr. Seiichiro YONEKURA (IIR)
Rapporteur: Yaichi Aoshima (IIR)
Kick-off speaker: Prof. Ben MARTIN (Director, SPRU, University of Sussex, UK)
Matching Societal Needs and Technological Capabilities: Research Foresight and the Implications for Social Sciences
Kick-off speaker: Dr. Fumio KODAMA (Professor, RCAST, University of Tokyo, Japan)
Analyzing the Innovation Process for Policy Formulation
Kick-off speaker: Dr. Lynn KRIEGER MYTELKA (Director, UNU/Institute for New Technologies, Maastricht, Netherlands)
Innovation Theory and Innovation Policy: Bridging the Gap

WG2: Social Science for Social Innovation
Chair: Mr. Luk VAN LANGENHOVE (Deputy Secretary General, Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs, Belgium)
Rapporteur: Mr. Jean-Eric Aubert (World Bank)
Kick-off speaker: Dr. Nadia AURIAT (Management of Social Transformation Program, UNESCO)
Social Science and the Management of Social Change
Kick-off speaker: Prof. Charly Gabriel MBOCK (Director of Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, Cameroon)
Social Sciences and the Social Development Process in Africa
Kick-off speaker: Prof. Hebe VESSURI (Head of the Department of Science Studies, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cient ficas, Venezuela)
Social Sciences and Ethics
Kick-off speaker: Hatsuhisa TAKASHIMA (Director, United Nations Information Center, Tokyo)
Social Sciences, Media and Society
WG3: Impacts of Innovation on Society
Chair: Dr. Hans van Ginkel (UNU)
Rapporteur: Gudrun Maaァ (OECD)
Kick-off speaker: Dr. Sharifah Hapsah SHAHABUDIN (Director of Academic Development, University Kebangsaan, Malaysia)
Bringing Science to the People: Medical Innovation and Community Health Programmes
Kick-off speaker: Dr. Arie RIP (Head, Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Assessing Impacts of Innovation: New Developments in Technology Assessment
Kick-off speaker: Dr. Jean-Claude BURGELMAN (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Sevilla, Spain)
How Social Dynamics Influence Technological Innovation
 Working groups (parallel session: continued)
 Plenary session 3 (Reports from working groups)
 Plenary session 4 (Discussion and summary) 2000.12.2