October 24, 2018

Forum 2018.11.28 ElHassan ELSABRY

Innovation Forum 2018.11.28 ElHassan ELSABRY

“High Cost of Academic Journals as a Potential Barrier to Knowledge Transfer to SMEs

(Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)

November 28th (Wednesday)  2018
from 15:00 to 16:30

 IIR Laboratory 2 (Room#219) of the second floor of the IIR building 

 Yaichi Aoshima 

October 22, 2018

Forum 2018

●Forum 2018

(Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)
High Cost of Academic Journals as a Potential Barrier to Knowledge Transfer to SMEs

(Professor, School of Business, Korea University/Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)
Managing the Paradoxical Tension between Exploration and Exploitation in Inter-organizational Relations: The Case of University-industry Research Collaborations

Wen Pan Fagerlin 
(Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Visiting Researcher at Hitotsubashi University)
Participation, Facilitation and Empowerment - A Study of Top Managers’ Involvement in Control Practices of Innovation Processes,

Niraj S. Mankad
(Assistant Professor, School of Business, FLAME University)
”Open Innovation and Creation of Products and Services in the Media Economy

Ivar Padrón-Hernández 
(Affiliated Researcher, European Institute of Japanese Studies,Stockholm School of Economics)
”MNC Subsidiary Strategy and Institutional Responses in PET Bottle Reverse Vending

Daniel Ehnes 
(Research Assistant, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Goethe University Frankfurt)
”Market Reactions to Downsizing Announcements: The Role of Strategy and Knowledge Intensity

Nobuyuki Hanaki
(Professor, Institut Supérieur d’Économie et de Management (ISEM), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis)
On the Roots of the Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights: Evidence from France and Japan (joint work with Joāo V. Ferreira and Benoît Tarroux)

Ann Weiland
(Ph.D Candidate, TU Dresden)
Sectoral Dynamics in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry: Selecting Global Innovation Strategies

Alice Katharina Bauer
(Lecturer, Institute for Strategic and International Management, Hamburg University of Technology)
Opportunities, Environment & Business Interaction: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Process through the Structuration Theoretical Lens

Yoichi Matsumoto
(Associate Professor, Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University)
Inter-temporal Scope Economies and Resource Reallocation: Entries, Retrenchments, Business Deepening in Global Semiconductor Industry

October 19, 2018

Forum 2017

●Forum 2017

Tuukka Toivonen 
(PhD. Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP), University College London)
From Creative 'Clashes' and 'Sparks' to Jolts: An empirical investigation of the idea journeys and feedback interactions of early-stage digital entrepreneurs in London

Lee, Sang-Gun 
(Professor, Sogang University Business School)
A Comparative Study of Linkage of Effects of ICT Industries and Machinery and Equipment Industries among the Korea, the United States, Germany and Japan

Cornelia Lawson 
(Prize Fellow, University of Bath)
Citizens of Somewhere: Examining the Geography of Foreign and Native-born Academics’ Engagement with External Actors

Takumi Shimizu 
(Ph.D Candidate, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University)
Coordinating collective framing processes with heterogeneous actors in technology standard development: A Topic Modeling Approach

Ravi Madhavan 
(Professor, The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh)
”The Evolution of Systems Integration Capability in China: Case Studies in Nuclear Power and Commercial Aircraft

Evan W. Lauteria 
(PhD Student, University of California Davis)
The Cultural Foundations of Institutional Divergence: A Study of Nintendo and SEGA’s ‘Console Wars'

Yu Jiang 
(Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
China's Information Infrastructure and Innovation Efforts under the Globalization

Jean-Baptiste Marc Litrico 
(Associate Professor, Smith School of Business, Queen's University / 
 Visiting Associate Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University)
Industry Ethos and Corporate Response to Institutional Pressures: Naturalizing Sustainability in Aviation

October 18, 2018

Forum 2016

●Forum 2016

Charles J. McMillan 
(Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University)
The Planning Strategy of Strategic Planning: Orientation, Time Constraints, Decisions, Action: Case Studies from Military, Business, and Political Theory

Pao-lien Chen 
(Associate Professor National Tsing Hua University)
Learning-by-Hiring: International Employee Mobility and the Growth of Emerging Market Firms at Home

Michael A. Cusumano 
(VP & Dean/Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Tokyo University of Science /
 Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management)
Strategy Rules

Youngjin Yoo 
(Professor, Temple University)
From Publishing to Printing: Immateriality of Digital Innovation and New Business Models in the Generative Economy

Sunil Mani 
(Professor, Center for Development Studies)
One Size Does Not Fit All: An Analysis of the Importance of Industry-specific Vertical Policies for Growing High Technology Industries in India.

Veikko Thiele 
(Associate Professor, Queen's University)
Fostering Entrepreneurship: Backing Founders or Investors?

Ben Dankbaar 
(Professor Emeritus at Radboud University Nijmegen)
From Catching up to Meeting the Grand Challenges: The Changing Faces of Industrial Policy.

Michael G Jacobides 
(Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and
Associate Professor, Strategy & Entrepreneurship Department, London Business School)
Scale, Scope and Performance Dynamics: A Population Study of the Evolution of Bank Holding Companies and Their Performance Changes, 1990-2014

September 25, 2018

Forum 2018.10.10 Martin HEMMERT

Innovation Forum 2018.10.10 Martin HEMMERT

“Managing the Paradoxical Tension between Exploration and Exploitation in Inter-organizational Relations: The Case of University-industry Research Collaborations

(Professor, School of Business, Korea University/Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)

October 10th (Wednesday)  2018
from 17:00 to 18:30

 IIR Laboratory 2 (Room#219) of the second floor of the IIR building 

 Yaichi Aoshima 

September 20, 2018

Business Review Vol.66 No.2 AUT. 2018

Vol.66 No.2 AUT. 2018 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.


Yasuhiro Daisho
"Perspectives on Environmental and Energy Issues of Motor Vehcles: With a Focus on Electrifying the Vehcles"

Noboru Sato
"Industrial Business Trends Towards Automobile Electrification and Their Competitiveness"

Satoshi Nagashima
"The Futuer of Mega Trend "CASE" From Europe: New Mobility Society Japan Will Lead"

Long Ke / Hideko Kono
"The Challenges and Strategies of Chinese Automobile Industries: the Possibility to Develop EV in China"

Kiyoshi Fujiwara / Masayuki Motohashi
"Ideal Vehicle Electrification by Vehicle Manufacturer: Mazda's Solution for Ideal  Electric Vehicle Society"

Takahiro Fujimoto
"An Architectural Analysis of Green Vehicles in Future: The Possibility of Their Diversity"

Kentaro Nobeoka / Kan Matsuoka
"Customer Value of Automobile: Global Trends of Non-Functional Value"

●Leaders of MOT 
  Hiroki Isobe (Alliance Global Director, Nissan Motor Corporation)
  Interviewed by Takahiro Fujimoto, Kentaro Nobeoka and Yaichi Aoshima

●Special Interview
  Ulrich Hackenberg (Former Technology Development Officer, Volkswagen)

●From My Bookshelf
  Masato Itohisa

●Management Forum 
  Shigeki Terashi
  (Executive Vice President, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION)
  Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura, Kentaro Nobeoka and Takahiro Fujimoto

●Business Cases
  Masaru Karube / Daisuke Uchida
  "Challenge and Evolution: Panasonic Home Appliances Refrigerator(Wuxi) Co., Ltd"

  Ayano (Hirose) Nishihara
  "Kyowa Hakko Bio: Promoting Innovation Towards “Goodness"

Special Contribution
  Tsutomu Nakano
  "Has Your Miles Davis Come?: The High-End Audio Equipment Market From Performativity"

●FinTech Revolution and Innovation (5)
  Mikiharu Noma / Tsutomu Fujita

●International Standardization from JAPAN (4)
  Manabu Eto / Yuichi Washida

September 5, 2018

IIR Summer School 2018 2018.8.25-26

■IIR Summer School 2018

Date: August 25-26, 2018
Venue: Sano-shoin Hall of Hitotsubashi University
Organized by: Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University

10:00-10:15: Yaichi Aoshima

Session1: (Chair: Kan)
•10:15-10:55: Ivar Padrón-Hernández “Enablers and tactics of MNC subsidiary influence on headquarter strategic initiatives”
•10:55-11:35: ElHassan ElSabry “Can philanthropy compensate for the decline in public research funding? Analyzing research funded by members of the Science Philanthropy Alliance”
•11:35-12:15: Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi “You can learn more from those who copied your knowledge than from your alliance partners: A technological return from knowledge spillovers to originating firms”

Lunch: 12:15-13:15

Session2: (Chair: Nakajima)
•13:15-13:55: Maria Vasileva Ilieva & Jin-ichiro Yamada “BoD Decision-making Process for Renovation after a Prolonged Fraud: Olympus case study“
•13:55-14:35: Yin Deyun “Inter-Organizational and geographical mobility of Chinese Inventor: Patterns and impacts”
Coffee Break: 14:35-14:50

Session3: (Chair: Ohyama)
•14:50-15:30: Daisuke Uchida “Imitation? Environmental Signals and Similarity of
Behavior in Hiring by Japanese Firms, 1974-2011”
•15:30-16:10: Chirantan Chatterjee “When the Big One Came: A Natural Experiment
on Demand Shocks and Market Structure in India’s Influenza Vaccine Markets”

Guest Speaker •16:10-17:10: Hiroyuki Odagiri “Innovation and Competition Policy - With Applications
to Japanese Cases -”